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I recently finished the Price Action Course by Gorilla Futures. The course is true to its word and has immensely improved my chart reading skills. Each chapter is filled with examples to back up the text. Whenever I had a question it was always answered relatively quickly and was given an extremely helpful response. The strategy taught is truly simple and with the right amount of work put into the course can be learned by anyone. This course will not make you rich overnight, but upon completion of the course I now have a better understanding of my trading career. In addition, the Gorilla Chat community is a huge help to reinforce the materials learned and is super beneficial. I believe the chat is one of the aspects to the course that sets it apart from all of the rest.

I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their price action and chart reading skills!
Thank you for everything,

Matthew Hochberg

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Gorilla Futures is built for all those struggling traders who needed help but were unable to afford or find the help they really needed. Our mission is simple, to make sure all traders new and experienced have the best tools and resources to conquer the markets. 


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Why Gorilla Futures?

Gorilla Futures is more than just a trading course. We are a community of like-minded traders with one goal in mind, that goal is to be successful. We believe that the Gorilla Futures community is unlike any other, there is no judgement here and all are welcome regardless of your background, trading experience or where you are from. Welcome to the Family!

Who is the Gorilla Futures Price Action Trading Course for?

The Price Action Course is for all traders regardless of your experience or background. The course walks traders through the basics such as how to set up your charts, how to read candlesticks and many other basic topics. Then moves on to more advanced topics such as finding trades and when/where/how to enter not to mention numerous other advanced topics. The course is set up in a way that new traders start with the basics then work their way up once section at a time, for experienced traders the first section of the course will serve as a great refresher to make sure you understand all the basics before moving on, join today.

Whats included?

With the Price Action Course, members are given access to our 26 chapter course that covers the A to Z of futures trading. From topics and videos on how to setup charts to finding trades, when/where/how to enter into trades,trends, when not to trade and many other topics. On top of the Price Action Course, members are given lifetime access to the course and all the benefies such as our chatroom and our exclusive discount area all while never being charged expensive yearly fees. With the 1 on 1 Mentoring Package, traders recieve everything mentionded above and 4 one on one hour long help sessions. These sessions can be about anything trading related, from course questions to working on problem areas, the sky is the limit! Worried 4 sessions might not be enough? Contact our support team and get a discount on addational sessions today.

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