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Gain Access to our 1 on 1 Coaching Program & Exclusive Price Action Course.

The 1 on 1 Coaching Program is here to help traders who need personalized help or for those traders who would like to potentially speed up the learning curve when it comes to trading.

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Derrick Robinson

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Great course hands down! Strategies great for any markets! Highly recommended.

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Coaching Overview

The Coaching package is here to help YOU as a trader. This is achieved in a few various way and is customized for each traders needs.


Below are examples of how the Coaching package CAN work, each trader is different that is why we request information before sessions start.


As traders we know that everyone has a different style or view of the markets, why should your education be any different? It shouldn't, that's why we meet with each of our coaching students to determine where their strengths and weaknesses are and create a plan to meet their goals.

On top of the 4 one on one hour long sessions included in the coaching package, each trader receives access to our exclusive price action course... more information below!

Whats Included?

Each Coaching Student will receive the following:

  • 4 one on one coaching sessions, these sessions will be an hour long.

  • During these sessions traders are encouraged to ask questions. These sessions are all about YOU.

  • Each trader receives priority help & assistance. 

  • Gorilla Futures can help to develop a plan of attack for you to try and meet your trading goals.

  • Additionally all coaching students will receive the price action course and all the benefits...more information below!

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Course Information: 

Traders will first learn how to setup their charts by following our in-depth step by step picture guide. At the conclusion of  this section and many others there will be a detailed video going over what you just learned.

From there traders will then begin to learn what time frame we use and how to trade without using any lagging indicators.

After getting your charts setup and learning about price action, traders will learn the following:

  • How to Identify a swing point.

  • What is support & resistance/how to use.

  • Reading Market Conditions & Technical Analysis.

  • See more below.

  • How to use Consolidation Patterns.

  • Identifying a mean reversion & mean value analysis.

  • Learning how to use reversal patterns.

  • Our three go to entry signals.

  • Our three go to entry signals.

  • When to trade & when not to trade.

  • How to find your own personal stop loss.

  • The proper way to journal your trades.

  • How to deal with the psychological hurdles of trading.

  • And many other important topics throughout the 26 chapter price action course!

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On top of the Coaching & Price Action Course, traders will have access to.

  • Our Gorilla Futures Exclusive VIP Discord channel.

  • Live Morning Analysis M-F.

  • Weekly News Letter.

  • Gorilla Futures Trading Journal.

  • Exclusive Discount Section.

  • Lifetime Access!

Your Purchase Includes

  • 4 one on one hour long coaching sessions.

  • Priority help.

  • Customized help, to help you become the trader of your dreams.

  • Our 26 Chapter Price Action Course.

  • Lifetime Access.

  •  Exclusive Access VIP Discord Channel.

  • Access to our Morning Analysis Streams M-F.

  • Member Only Discounts section. 

  • Weekly Analysis.

  • Our Gorilla Futures Trading Journal.

  • Any and all updates made to the course FREE of charge!

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Patrick and his Gorilla Futures team are the real deal. I have been trading futures for a long time now 8-9 years and have tried so many different methods, indicators, systems, and rooms with so-called trading gurus that I honestly feel embarrassed to admit it. I always did so much better when I focused on price action exclusively and have strayed away from doing so over the last few years. It's been really refreshing to join Gorilla Futures and get back to a solid trading foundation. Patrick lays it all out into an easy to understand and follow program.
I definitely highly recommend Gorilla Futures for anyone wanting a realistic approach to learning how to trade the financial markets.



Luis E

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need more help/sessions?

  • All coaching students are able to add additional sessions and will be given a discount on packages of 5 or more.

Do I still get lifetime access to the course?

  • All members will receive lifetime access to the Price Action Course.

How many people are in the session?

  • Each session will have two people, the student and the coach. There will NEVER be multiple students in your sessions.

Where Should I Start?

  • Start first by responding to our welcome email and answering the questions. This way we know exactly what you need and can try to form a plan for you!

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