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HeatMap Profile™

The HeatMap Profile™ comes in both delta and volume read outs. This information can help traders pinpoint where volume and where buyers/sellers are coming into the market. 


By being able to pinpoint where volume is coming in traders are able to identify if there is a possible trend continuation or a potential reversal.  

This is due to the fact that price is attracted to volume(buyers & sellers). Lack of volume can show a lack of interest in price and could result in a potential reversal back to a high volume area. Increase volume can show a potential increase in interest and a potential continuation

Profile Features

All the information below can display volume or delta. 

The HeatMap Profile™ will come standard with 3 profiles on the right hand side of the chart. All three profiles will display the POC (point of control), delta, volume and 3 volume nodes. All information is customizable and able to be turned on/off.


Custom Profile: 

The profile furthest to the left will display information for all the bars that are currently on screen. This means traders will be able to pinpoint what is the current POC on screen. Where is high/low volume and much more.

Current Session Profile: 

The middle of the 3 profiles will display the current session. This profile will turn red/green depending on if price is up or down on the session. 

Previous Session Profile: 

On the far right handside of the chart, the previous days sessions will be displayed. Depending on the movement of the previous session, that profile will be red or green. Additionally on top of the profile will be a delta and volume read out. If traders choose this profile can be turned on/off.

Total Volume: 

On top and bottom of each profile will be a volume readout.



On top and bottom of each profile will be a Delta readout showing +/- delta with the corresponding color.

heatmap 2
heatmap 3

HeatMap -Volume

The HeatMap will work in conjunction with the custom profile mentioned above. 


The "heat" or traded volume for each level will be displayed in a gradient blue color at the corresponding price level.


The darker blue lines indicate high volume has traded or is currently trading at this level.  

The lighter blue lines indicate lower volume has or is currently trading at this level. 

All levels/colors are updated in real time regardless if a bar has closed or not. 

HeatMap - Delta 

The delta HeatMap works off the custom profile mentioned above. 

Similar to the Volume HeatMap, the delta will be displayed in a gradient color. Instead of a blue color, traders will see a red/green color. 

A darker green color means there are more buyers at this level and a lighter green color indicates less buyers.

A darker red color indicators more sellers at this level and a lighter red color indicates less sellers. 

Traders are easily able to visualize where buyers and sellers are entering the market live as it happen.   


The footprint chart is not included in this indicator, see for more info. 


delta heatmap

Entry Signal Examples


How To Get Started?

After your purchase you will have the option to download immediately from our webpage or via email.  Once downloaded you will need to send your Machine ID to with the Subject title " Orderflow Machine ID". Once received you will be able to download and trade!

Issues During Download

If you are experiencing issues during download check to see if your pop-up blocker or virus scanner is preventing you from download. All downloads have been vetted by NinjaTrader.

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