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Tired of working for someone else?

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Are you ready to master the markets?

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Start off by building a solid foundation that will support your future.


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Our course is filled with hundreds of real world examples and hours of video.

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Why Gorilla Futures?

Hi, my name is Patrick and I am the founder of Gorilla Futures. I built Gorilla Futures for all those struggling traders who needed help but were unable to afford or find the help they really needed. Our mission is simple, to make sure all traders new and experienced have the tools and resources to conquer the markets.  


You won’t find any get rich quick ideas or indicators here. The Gorilla futures course is built on price action. We firmly believe that price action is the BEST and simplest way to trade regardless if you are trading Futures,Stocks, Forex or any of the numerous other options available.  


At Gorilla Futures we strive to deliver a community experience for all of our traders, either from our 24/7 chat room that has members from across the globe or from the our in depth price action course. You aren’t simply joining another trading company you are becoming a part of our family. 


As any family would, we are here to help YOU become the best trader you possibly can. We won’t be coddling you during this journey nor do we make any guarantees but we are here to make sure you give it your all! 


Our in depth price action course with over 25 chapters, filled with tons of real world examples and hours of videos is constantly being updated. You will have the latest and greatest information for life! YES, that's right. Every membership comes with lifetime access to the course. You will never be asked for another penny when we update and add to our course. Something that we do at least once a month! 


Gain the tools and support of our Gorilla Futures community to become the trader you have always wanted to be! 



Patrick | Gorilla Futures Founder

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Derrick Robinson

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Great course hands down! Strategies great for any markets! Highly recommended.


I recently finished the Price Action Course by Gorilla Futures. The course is true to its word and has immensely improved my chart reading skills. Each chapter is filled with examples to back up the text. Whenever I had a question it was always answered relatively quickly and was given an extremely helpful response. The strategy taught is truly simple and with the right amount of work put into the course can be learned by anyone. This course will not make you rich overnight , but upon completion of the course I now have a better understanding of my trading career. In addition, the Gorilla Chat community is a huge help to reinforce the materials learned and is super beneficial. I believe the chat is one of the aspects to the course that sets it apart from all of the rest. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to improve their price action and chart reading skills!

Thank you for everything,
-Matthew Hochberg

About Gorilla Futures

Gorilla Futures is built for all those traders who need help but were unable to afford or find the help they really needed. Our mission is simple, to make sure all traders new and experienced have the best tools and resources to trade the markets. 


If you ...

Need help with your trading?

Are having issues with consistency?

Don't know where to start?

In need of education?

Take our Price Action Course Today

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 Patrick | Gorilla Futures Founder

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