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Day Trading and Traveling

We have all seen the Instagram post of "traders" sitting pool side clicking buttons and making millions but is that actually feasible? In this weeks blog we are going to break down what you really need to travel and trade.

First off and is the mot important on this list is going to be a reliable internet connection. Trading without a solid internet connection is doing nothing but opening yourself up to tons of issues. If your connection goes down you are at the whims of the trading desk to manage your trade. By the time you get them on the phone your exit may have already passed or you could be deep under your stop loss.

If you are going to trade while you travel always have a back internet connection, from a dedicated hotspot or even using your phone as a backup. Also be sure to test all your back ups before heading to your favorite travel destination. If you are travel abroad be sure your internet provider services these areas.

Next up is a good laptop, when it comes to trading while your traveling one of the most important aspects of your laptop is going to be your battery life. No one wants to be left stranded pull side with a dead battery or having to ask the hotel staff for a long extension cord to charge your laptop( been there done that, its not pretty!).

Before leaving, traders should run a battery health check on there laptop. A quick google search can walk you step by step on how to preform this. One item that might be beneficial to have is a back up battery pack or an external battery pack. These come in all shapes and sizes and can even be found in "travel backpacks".

Once you've got your internet and laptop squared away your going to need a quality phone connection. This is your last line of defense when it comes to dealing with trading related problems if your laptop goes down. Be sure to know your trading desk number and all the info you need to give them to manage your trade. It is advised to give them a call before you travel to make sure you have everything you need.

Lastly if you do everything above can you trade and travel, the answer to that is yes! It might be a little difficult to trade pool side but you will be able to trade away from your desk. This is something many traders got into trading to be able to do but in reality its not all its cracked up to be.

Do you want to be sitting on your laptop as your better half or your kids are in the water having fun and making memories? The answer to this is most likely no, unless you will be traveling for an extended period of time, take a little break and enjoy the sun.

At Gorilla Futures we have never been big fans of trading while we travel due to the fact we open our selves up to even more risk if something was to go wrong.

Comment down below if you like to trade while you travel!


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