How to Become a Day Trader

THE million dollar question, many have set out to figure out to do become a day trader but only a handful have become one. This week we are going to look at the steps to take if you dream of becoming a day trader.

All these steps will be realistic steps that anyone can take. The goal of this blog post is to help those who dream of becoming a day trader actually meet those dreams and goals, not to send everyone on a wild goose chase.

day trader showing off his/her traders on a mobile trading device.


First one might be a little obvious, simply start working towards becoming a day trader. Far to often new traders over analyze what they want to do and it turns into a paralyzing event. Where they make no progress and the dream quickly dies. Now it should go without saying not to do anything risky or risk your lively hood on making this dream happen but you first need to start!

This can be done in many different forms, by watching YouTube videos on what day trading is, downloading a free trail from NinjaTrader, reading blogs anything you can get a hold of to figure out what day trading is about.

Word of caution, many social media pages and YouTube videos do not show the realities or what day trading really is, be very cautious not to get sucked into this type of thinking.


Next up is learning to day trade. Now if you are reading this blog we hope you become a Gorilla Futures Member and if you already are thank you for being a part of our family!

Traders can't turn their dreams into a reality if they do not have the proper education, there is no way around it. First you must learn the basics, such as what are futures and how they move. Then traders can move on to how to make the markets work for them.


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