How to Trade Futures for Beginners

Are you a new trader looking to get into futures or maybe an existing trader looking to expand your skill set into futures? You came to the right place, get started is half of the battle. This is due to the immense amount of resources traders have at there hands, some extremely good and others not worth your time. In this weeks blog we are going to cover the steps to take if you are planning on becoming a futures trader.

Trader learning how to trade in the class room.

Learn the Basic's

With any decision it is smart to first start off with the basic. Learn what futures are and how they move. Whats a tick, how many ticks are in 1 ES contract? These are only two of the many questions you need to have answers to. Take advantage of free resources, either here on the Gorilla Futures website or on our YouTube channel where we cover all these topics.

Once you know the basics of futures, you then need to move onto the basics of trading. Learn the different time frames, how to setup a chart, whats the bid/ask, what type of trading do you prefer(scalping or swing trading). Again these are just a few of the questions you need to be able to have answers to.

You wouldn't start a new business without knowing all the ins and outs of that business, trading is no different. Learn the basics first and then if you like everything you have learned so far, then take the next step into becoming a trader.

Getting Serious

"Why so serious !?"(name that move in the comments) Trading is a serious business but just because it is serious doesn't mean it cant also be enjoyable.

That brings us to our next step and that is getting the education you need. When looking for education look to find a system that actually makes since to you. Copying a system just to get results is not the answer, you need to first find a system that actually clicks with you and is something you really understand.

Obliviously we hope everyone reading this becomes a Gorilla Futures member!