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Less is Sometimes More

When it comes to trading we all want to place tons of trades and make tons of MONEY! But that doesn't always happen and this is one of the reason why at Gorilla Futures we stress less is more. Trying to trade 10 different symbols all at once can be very hectic an cause a lot of stress and anxiety. From switching back and forth from tons of different charts to trying to place trades on all these symbols. Not to mention the possibly of placing losing trades and if you are trading all the indexes in the same direction and they reverse on you that is 4 losing trades! What if you only traded one symbol?

Less trades = Less Headaches

The goal of trading should not be to place 100's of trades a day and spend hours upon hours in front of the screen. The goal is to place one or two perfect trades a day and spend the rest of the day enjoying life. That is why it is recommended to only trade one or two symbols a day. At Gorilla Futures we focus on day trading the ES & MES every single day. The reason we do this is because the ES/MES gives us, on most days 1-5 perfect trade setups. If you knew that a symbol would give you a perfect trade setup everyday, would you spend your time looking at a large group of symbols or focus on one?

When you spend your time look at one symbol in this case the ES you get a good feel on how it moves and why it moves. This is something that many traders over look, there is no proper way on how to "get a feel" for the market it all depends on the trader and there view. If you trade a ton of symbols you will struggle to get a good feel on what the market is doing and what other traders who are trading that symbol are doing as well.

More trades = More losses

It is fair to say that 99% of the time when traders are over trading it is because they want to recoup losses. Most people/traders don't over trade when they are winning. Now if you are trading a handful of symbols at once then when one or two of those symbols goes against you, you will be more pressured to over trade and recoup your losses. Instead if you were focusing on one symbol you could simply wait for the next trade to come to YOU and then decide if it is a trade you should take.

As many of our members have seen throughout our course we stress the K.I.S.S ( method. The reason behind this is, trading shouldn't be complicated. Price can only do 1 of three things go up,go down or range. There is no reason to make it more complicated by trying to mange 10 different symbols that are all trending in a different direction. Remember less is more, sit back and let the trades come to you!


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