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Overlooked Items When it Comes to Day Trading

In todays blog we are going to go over some items that are commonly overlooked and why you might want to change things up a bit when it comes to your setup.

First off is a battery back up, this can be extremally important if the power goes out and your in the middle of a trade. Below is the one I use to power my main monitor, laptop and my internet incase of a power outage. Many times we overlook this type of equipment due to the fact its not something that you will use everyday but it is something that if the power goes out, could save you a TON of money.

The goal here is to give yourself enough time to close your current trade and then shut down for the day. It is not intended to act in the place of a generator or other power source. Additionally my view is even if you have a generator it would be best to wait until the power comes back on. That way you will be able to completely focus on your trading and not have to worry about what's going on outside.

Next up are two items that I think are a must. That is a wired keyboard and a wired mouse. Personally I prefer a wireless setup but when it comes to reliability and not having issues,

I think the way to go is with a wired mouse/keyboard setup. The main reason is due to the fact you do not want your batteries to die in the middle of a trade. Even if you have a laptop off to the side, the seconds it takes to switch over to that could be the difference between a winning trade and a losing trade. Below are the two that I am currently using. Additionally here are links for both items, keyboard & mouse.

Lastly is a dedicated place to trade and practice your craft. If your trying to trade on the dinner room table while your family eats, you might not be able to focus as much as you should. See about setting up your desk in a corner of a quiet room or a room that doesn't see a lot of activity. Being able to focus is extremally important when it comes to trading. Mainly due to the fact, trading is almost 100% a mental activity.

Even though these items are very small, in the grand scheme of things they can have a HUGE impact on your trading.

Have a go to piece of equipment we missed in todays blog? Post it down below in the comments section to help others!


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