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Setting Goals for 2022

This time of year everyone is setting goals for the year and traders are no different.

The real question is "what is the best way to make those goals come to fruition"

We have a few ideas on how to make those goals actually happen this year.

First off traders need to set a goal of being consistent, not only in trading but in all aspects of there life. Now this might sound like a strech for a trader but let me explain.

By being consistent in ALL aspects of your life it will/should be easier to be consistent with your trading. Reason being is this mind set would be practiced 24/7 instead of just a few hours a day while you are trading.

Examples of being consistent would be as follows:

  • Taking the same entry signals.

  • Getting the same amount of sleep each night.

  • Doing the same pre-market research each day.

  • Trading the same futures contracts.

  • Consistently control your emotions.

Being consistent might sound easy but it is the biggest hurdle most traders have to over come.

Next up is setting realistic goals, now don't let this rain on your parade. If you are brand new to trading and you set a goal of making 10 million dollars this year, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Now its great to set big goals but make sure you have a plan to get there and you might have to set a bunch of smaller goals to get to that bigger goal.

For example if you are brand new to trading your goals might look like this:

  • Learn about trading/futures.

  • Successfully SIM your system.

  • Live trade your system and become a break even trader.

  • Take what you learned from becoming a break even trader and see what you can do to become a profitable trader.

  • Be consistent with your trades.

  • Etc etc.

By breaking your big goal down into smaller chunks you will one be able to hone in on each step and it will feel good when you have conquer one of those smaller goals.

When it comes to achieving your goals in trading there are a few more tips that we think all traders need to use/do.

The first tip is to acknowledge how far you've come, it's easy to focus on what you have not yet achieved. By focusing on how far you've come can give you a sense of accomplishment when times get a little difficult.

If you were a new trader in 2021 and by the end of 2021 were able to make some winning trades and come out on top/ break even by the end of the year, make sure to give yourself a HUGE pat on the back. That's a huge accomplishment, you went from knowing nothing about trading to becoming a break even trader. That might not sound like a big deal but it is! Don't overlook these smaller victories just because your not swimming in capital right now.

Lastly is to enjoy what your doing, trading is hard but it also needs to be enjoyable. Don't forget to set a goal of being happy in 2022, it will help you out more then anything else!

We look forward to seeing/working with all of your in 2022 and thank you for making 2021 a great year for our Gorilla Futures Family/Community!


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