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The Goal of Day Trading

You see if everywhere and everyone wants to do it, but what is the goal of day trading? I'm sure before you even give yourself a second to think about that question, the word money pops into your head. Was I right? Now money is very important but there is something money can't buy, can you guess what that is? Your correct, its time.

Day trading should simply be a tool to live the life you want to be. Too many times and I am guilty of this more then I'd like to admit. Traders turn day trading into trading all day long. Some of us do it because we simply love to trade and enjoy spending time Infront of the charts. Others do it for varies reasons such as, FOMO, greed or they simply think that is what they have to do.

Now I do believe screen time is extremally important to becoming a full time trader. I also think time off is equally important. I do some of my best trading a week after a long break. Now what does all this have to do with " the goal of day trading"?

It has everything to do with the goal of day trading. That goal should be to spend your time, doing whatever you want. Want to spend time with your kids or visit your parents on the other side of the country then day trading could potentially help you get there.

Money is great and our everyday lives do depend on it regardless of how much you actually have. If you use that money properly it can "help" you have more time. Notice I didn't say it can "buy" you more time, people have been trying to buy more time since time started.

Instead use day trading to ideally make you x amount of dollars for a few hours of work and then go and spend the day doing what you want. Now many of you may be saying to yourself, "that's my goal but its been 2 years and I'm still not there."

Would you rather spend a few years of working your ass off to potentially spend the rest of your life doing what you actually want to do? I think everyone will answer yes to that.

The goal of trading should be to make x amount of dollars so you can spend your time doing whatever you want to do. Use day trading and money as a tool or a stepping stone. Don't use it to trade one 9-5 for another.

What is your goal for day trading? Comment down below.



Thank you for sharing your experience and information !

It is very informative that one should follow Day trading

as a day trader the profitable they made 1.6% on a average year of small proportion

I want to setup goals for day trading goal no 1 risk control and setting profit goals, reviewing how the trades turned out.


My goal to start is $200-$300 per day! Have yet to pull the trigger, but that’s what I’m aiming for.

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