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The Small Exchange

New to futures and looking to hedge your positions or maybe you just want to get your feet wet with futures, be sure to check out the Small Exchange. They offer a handful of products that we have displayed in our newest 12 part series on YouTube be sure to check it our here!

The Small Exchange was created to bring a low cost of entry to retail traders. All there products are geared towards a retail trader. They do this by first off using a very simple cost format. All instruments move in $1.00 increments. This means that each tick is worth $1.00. The idea behind this was to keep things simple.

If you have been trading futures for awhile you would know that almost all the instruments are valued at a different tick value, from the micros to the minis its all different. This can be confusing an cause problems with new traders and is one of the reasons the Smalls decided to value everything at a dollar.

Next up is a wide variety of products from interest rates to cannabis to oil products, they most likely have a product for you. One of the ideas behind this is so traders can hedge longer term positions by using some of these products.

Not only can they be used to hedge positions they can also be day traded. The Smalls follow all the same principles as the futures you are most familiar with making it a lateral move from what your trading now to the Smalls products.

The goal of the smalls is to give retail traders a low cost option to trade futures.

Be sure to check out the Smalls and let us know below if you plan on trading the smalls.


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