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The Truth About Trading

Its HARD! Any one who tells you different either isn't trading or they are trying to sell you the "holy grail" Don't let that discourage you though, if anything that should make you want to become a trader ever more. Like the old saying goes" if it was easy, everyone would be doing it" but its not and only a select few really become a great traders. Lets walk through a few items many new and experienced trades over look when they get into trading or start trading full time. There are many different ways to trade but we will be mainly referring to day trading , where trades will hold positions from a few seconds to maybe an hour or two max.

The Truth about trading

Its HARD... but worth it!

The truth is learning to trade will be one of the more difficult tasks you assign your self but reaping the rewards at the end will be worth it! You will learn more about your self then you thought was possible. Trading is a game of mental fortitude, where only the strong survive. You will become mentally strong and many traders even look at adding psychical exercises to there daily trading regiment to make sure there mind and body are in tip top condition when the market opens up.

There will be many False signals

In trading you will be confronted with TONS of false signals, it is your job as a trader to determine if they are good signals or bad signals. Take for example one of our go to signals, the 2 candle rejection. This signal is found on all time frames and we can see many of these signals throughout the day but we only want to take the proper signals. We must wait and have sniper like entries that fit all of our rules before we can enter into any trade. Never take a candle stick signal just because the signal itself is good. Those of you who are members will know that the candle stick signal itself is the last part of our three step process to enter into trades.

Like watching paint dry?

Trading can be a very slow and tedious task. If you are trading and your all amped up then your are most likely over trading/revenge trading or trading too large of a size. As traders we need to sit back and let our money work for us. Sometimes this means that we need to sit on our hands for a few ours before we get our text book entry signal that lines up with all of our rules.

Take everything you have seen in movies like Wolf of Wall Street or any of the numerous other wall street films and throw it out the window. If you are shouting at your screen and extremely worked up then your doing it all wrong! Get use to sitting on the sidelines and waiting for that perfect trader, it will come it up to YOU to capitalize on it.

These are just a few of the truths about trading that many over look due to the fact they are not "sexy" or won't help sell courses. This is the truth and it might not help sell courses but at Gorilla Futures we believe in being upfront and honest with our members and potential members, don't let this discourage you. If you anything let this fuel your desire to become a profitable trader even more! We are here to guide you on this journey, even though we wont be coddling you on this journey we are here to light a fire and get the ball rolling when it comes to YOUR futures trading career.


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