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Trader Thoughts #3 Dealing with Covid-19

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Before we jump into today's blog, if you have Covid symptoms or are not feeling well seek the help of professionals, not the internet. This is simply my experience with Covid-19 and luckily it was not as severe as it could of been.

Covid 19 molecule

First off Covid-19 sucks, many people talk about it not being that bad but it down right sucks. If you can avoid it I would strongly recommended it!

As a family we unfortunately got Covid-19 together as one of our family members came in contact with a co-worker who did not know she had it who then came in contact with us. For Miss Gorilla she almost immediately got hit with flu like symptoms and got hit hard. Not being able to breath/being short of breath to having absolutely no energy at all. This lasted for about 2 weeks before she regained the strength/energy to really do anything. Cold like symptoms lasted for about another week.

I personally did not get any symptoms until a week into quarantine where I started to develop flu like symptoms, from coughing and congestion to a lack of energy. This lasted for close to another 2 weeks before I started to feel any sort of "normal". After the two weeks I still had cold like symptoms from a slight congestion to not being able to smell or taste. At the time of writing blog on 1/4/2021 I still do not have any sort of smell or taste, resulting in a nice little drop in weight( about the only good thing from this experience) due to not having a appetite.

I would personally recommended that if you can do anything to prevent your exposure to Covid-19 that you do it. Whether that be wearing a mask, avoiding crowds or people who have been sick. Luckily our experience with Covid-19 was not life threatening but it is something that I hope I never have to deal with again. The severe lack of energy alone is enough to make me not ever want to deal with this again, not to mention not being able to taste or smell is not fun at all.

In conclusion, Covid-19 sucks and wearing a mask sucks but if there is any chance it could help you out I would strongly recommend it due to the fact wearing a mask doesn't suck as much as getting Covid-19. If you have any sort of symptoms go get tested and do the right thing.

I hope each and everyone of our Gorilla Futures Family is safe and healthy!

Happy New Year and Good Luck.

-Gorilla Futures


Gorilla Futures
Gorilla Futures
Jan 06, 2021

Kirk, Thank you for the kind words!


Sorry to hear you and your family went through this challenge, Patrick. Glad you're done with the worst of it and I trust you'll recover 100%.

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