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What is Price Action & Why You Should Use it

Price Action in our view, is the only way to trade. Regardless if you trade intra-day or swing trade, price action is the key. The reason being is due to the fact you focus and learn how to read what price is doing. There is no reason to wait for lagging indicators or holy grail signals, let us explain!

Price Action by its most basic definition is simply how price move from A to B. Doesn't it make to sense have a trading system that is based on how price moves? Especially due to the fact if you are a trader, your whole job is to react to how price is moving. By learning how/why price moves we can then look to exploit it's movement to our advantage.

Many times when we talk about exploiting price what we really mean is an entry signal. All of our entries signal are based off price action and how price moves.

For example if price is moving up in a bullish trend we would look to capture parts of this move. Ideally we would look for a HL ( Higher Low) combined with one of our signals for our course to get into this trade.

By going with the overall trend and reading/reacting to how price is moving, we can then exploit the price action in our favor.

The same goes for if price was moving down, or in a bearish trend. We would first look to identify the trend, which in this case would be down/bearish. Once we know price is moving down. We then look for a way to make this current move work in our favor. Ideally we would be looking for LH (Lower High) to get short from, combined with one of our signals from the course.

From these two examples, you should be able to get the idea behind price action. To simply react to how price is moving and exploit that movement to make trades. There is no waiting on a super special indicator to get us into a trade or some "holy grail" pattern that only found once every blue moon. We simply use the movement of price to our advantage.

This type of movement happens almost every day! So our question to you would be as follow, " Why are you not using price action"? Trading is hard enough, don't overcomplicate it by not using price action.

Hopefully by now you can start to see why we are such big fans of price action. If you'd like to learn more about price action follow this link and take our price action course, today!


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