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Why Gorilla Futures

Why Gorilla Futures? The answer is very simple, we are a community of traders dedicated to helping ALL traders. Regardless if you have been trading for 20 years or 20 minutes, there is something here for everyone. Not only that but our main goal is to build a community to support and help traders grow. As you may know by know, trading comes with immense periods of solitude. This can be from the hours spent studying charts or the hours spent waiting for the perfect trade to come up. That is where the Gorilla Futures community comes in, you need help with a trade you contact someone in the chat and we all help solve the current situation. Lets dive into to what Gorilla Futures is all about.

Our Goal's

Plain and simple it is to be the best out there, but what does that really mean? It means our community is welcoming of ALL traders from ALL backgrounds, from ALL over the world. There is no exception to this rule, we believe in creating an inclusive environment that allows everyone to grow. Not only do we want you to grow but we want you to thrive. This is one of the main reasons we focus on building the right community. In our minds it takes a community to help a trader. The reasoning behind that is, due to the fact we all look at the market differently.

What might look like a bullish trend to us might look like a bearish trend to you. This difference in views and opinions are where we can bounce ideas of each other and learn to view the markets in the eyes of someone else. By now we all know that our view of the market isn't always correct and by playing devils advocate we can try and view what other traders are doing and actually use this to our advantage when looking to place trades.

Not only do we want to simply be the best community out there, we strive to bring affordable information to those who really need it. Along side this, the information you receive is always being updated and improved on. The goal is to deliver high quality information for life. We don't believe in charging our community for every addition we make, no matter how big or small it may be. Along side of being affordable we want to bring quality content to everyone. This comes in many forms, from our YouTube channel ,to our free Gorilla Futures Price Action Course or our main Price Action course.

Next up, is all about being honest. We produce blogs and videos talking about what trading really is and its hard. By now I'm sure you are aware that trading can and will be a difficult task to over come. But with hard work you will overcome it. This straight forward approach is what we believe in. We don't believe in waving big wins in your face or a fancy rented lifestyle that you see others promoting. That is not what we are about and that's not trading. Could this type of promotion help Gorilla Futures grow as a company, 100% but if we decided to go that route we would not be genuine to our goals and values.

In conclusion, we strive to be honest, straight forward and the best we can be. Gorilla Futures is built by traders for traders and will always be dedicated to helping others reach there goals and aspirations.

Thank you for being a part of this community!

P.S. we will be the best out there, mark my words.

Patrick M | Founder



Gorilla Futures
Gorilla Futures
Sep 24, 2020

Thank you for all the support!


Thanks Patrick I am so glad I joined. Great community, Great leadership and lots of great knowledge to be shared and learned!


Great article Patrick! We will definitely be the best trading community out there!

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