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Why new traders fail & how can YOU change that!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The main reason people go into trading is to make money, the only issue with that is many new and experienced traders lose money. Now we aren't talking about taking a normal loss as by now we all know we won't be able to win every trade. We are talking about blowing up an account, everyone has done it once or twice. The difference between successful traders and unsuccessful traders are how they use those losses to grow and become the trader they have always wanted to be. We are going to break down why traders fail and a few tips on how you can avoid being another statistic.

The why can be broke down into a few simple parts. First many traders get into trading to make a quick buck, failing to realize there is a lot more to trading then what many will admit. With this get rich quick mentality all you are doing is adding unjust pressure to your self. This pressure will cause you to make hastily decisions to live up to the idea of getting rich quick. Doing so will make many new traders take trades they would not normally take if they did not have these false expectations, this leads us to our second point.

Second, following your rules. Many traders new and experienced do not have a solid set of rules. In trading our rules are our foundation. You cant build a mansion if your foundation is made out of a few small sticks. That same ideology applies to trading, if your rules are weak then the walls around you will come tumbling down. Before even placing a SIM your you need to have a list of rules stating when/where and why you are going to enter into a trade. A gut feeling is never a reason to enter into a trade.

Third, a proper education. Would you perform brain surgery if you didn't know what you are doing, then why would you start trading without knowing what to do. You must first obtain the skills before entering into the game. You are trading against some of the smartest and wealthiest people/companies on the earth, you better come prepared or they will take your money.

Now that you know a few ways to avoid becoming another statistic its time to put this information to good use. We hope everyone reading this become a Gorilla Futures remember and can get access to all the help they need. Once a member you will need to put in the work and follow all the rules to set your self up for success.

Interested in becoming a member? Here is a link!


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