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Why Price Action?

The answer is pretty simple, because it works! There are not fancy indicators needed or any B.S. "holy grail" setup. Use what the chart is showing you and make it work in your favor.

Price action trading is all about trading what price is actually doing. We do this be first finding what the current trend is doing. Now we use multiple time frames ranging from a smaller tick chart all the way up to a monthly chart and everything in between. This allows us to see what the market is doing overall. Now there may be different trends on different time frames, it is important that you line up as many time frames as possible before making any trades.

Once we know what the trend is on our given time frames it is then up to us to find levels we can exploit in our favor. Now this is done a few different ways, we always look to see what Support & Resistance levels are showing us. These levels can be highs/lows or the open and close of the previous trading day(s). It is important to always look at these levels on all time frames because there will be different levels for each time frame. For example the weekly high could be much higher then the current daily high and price could act differently at each of these levels.

After finding these levels it is important to trade them correctly and this is where price action really comes in play. We look to see how price reacts to these levels before entering into a trade. For example if price is making Higher Highs and Higher Lows we we assume that the current trend is up, now that we know the trend we look for price to show us an entry near one of our selected levels. This normally comes in the form of 1 of three candle stick setups, the engulfing, the two candle rejection and the 3 point turn. You can learn all about these by becoming a gorilla futures member. By becoming a member you get access to 25+ chapters of price action content, with tons of real world examples!

We can do all this without any "special" indicators. The few indicators we do use are all very simple and available on almost every trading platform out there. By keeping your charts clean of messy indicators you give yourself the opportunity to observe raw price action and learn a technique that is useful in all types of trading. Regardless if you are trading Stocks,Futures,FX or Crypto , Price action will be a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Interested in learning more? Become a member today and join our fast growing community of traders helping each other reach there goals and become better traders!

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