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Why the Micros

The Micro Futures have quickly gained popularity since there relatively new inception with some days the micros seeing more volume then the E-Minis. It is not uncommon to see more volume on the MNQ Micro E-Mini Nasdaq compared to the E-Mini Nasdaq. This is something that many thought the opposite would happen, with little to no volume on such a new type on contract. We can now see other options for Micros coming out such as Micro BTC futures to Micro Crude Oil Future.

This is great news for new traders and retail traders looking to trade futures. With the Micros being a tenth of the size as the E-Minis, new traders are able to risk less and still learn the ins and outs of the Futures Markets.

By starting out trading the Micros over the E-Minis traders are able to create a system that almost mirrors what will be needed on the E-Minis. Not to mention all the inner workings of the micros are exactly the same.

As new or inexperienced traders the ability to accidentally make mistakes is much larger then for a season trader, when trading the E-Minis these mistakes cost 10x the amount of what they would on the Micros. Given this reason alone we always suggest new traders test the waters out with the Micro contracts before moving on.

Even we traders are able to move on they can simply up there contract size and potentially make more. This is a great stepping stone if your goals are to trade the E-Minis.

In conclusions the Micro Futures contracts are one of the best options new and even experienced traders have at there disposal. From testing your system to learning the ins and outs of trading futures, risk less and learn more while trading the Micros.

Do you enjoy the Micros? The team at Gorilla Futures are HUGE fans, comment down below.


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