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Why Trade?

This is a questions we ask many of our mentor students, the most common answer is money. What many new traders fail to realize is day trading can be one of if not thee hardest task you ever set out to achieve, it can also become one of the most rewarding as well.

At Gorilla Futures our goal is to show the realities of trading to our members and community, at times this can turn some potential community members away due to the fact we aren't going to sugar coat trading to try and get you to sign up and this blog post won't be any different.

As stated above many new traders get into trading because it looks like a quick way to make loads of money. We have all see the pictures of traders sitting on a beach "making" millions of dollars, now this is defiantly possible but what is not shown are the years of work and dedication to get there.

Trading is like playing a professional sport, we can all go to a golf course and smack some balls around but only a select few are going to make money doing so. The quicker you come to a realization as to what trading is all about you can then set your self up for the long haul and know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Now that you hopefully have an understand that trading will not be easy, why should you then pursue your dreams of becoming a trader?

First off because even if you "fail" at becoming a trader you will most likely learn more about your self then doing anything else. Since trading is about 90% a mental activity,by learning how to control your mental well-being you'll be able to channel that into other aspects of your life. This alone should be reason enough to pursue trading.

Next up is the ability to become your own boss, tired of working for someone else? This is your chance to go out and see if you can take control of your life, it wont be easy but if you can succeed the results could not only effect your life but all those around you as well.

Want a raise, how about unlimited earning potential? As a trader, you'll be able to set how much you are getting paid. It could be millions or it could be thousands in the hope of supplementing income. It all boils down to are you willing to start your trading journey and put in the work to become the trader you have always wanted to be?

For some this may discourage you and others will use this as fuel to become the trader they have always dreamed of. Trading is a difficult task to take on but those who have and failed have learned more about themselves then they could have ever imagined and those who have succeeded have changed there lives for ever.

Ready to put in the work and become a trader?


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