Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Gorilla futures? 

Gorilla Futures is more then just a trading course. We are a community of like minded traders with one goal in mind, that goal is to be successful. We believe that the Gorilla Futures community is unlike any other, there is no judgement here and all are welcome regardless of your background, trading experience or where your from. Welcome to the Family!

  • Who is the Gorilla Futures Price Action Trading Course for?

Everyone, that's who. Regardless if you are new to the realm of trading or a seasoned veteran, there is information here that will help. Just like building a house we start with a solid foundation and cover all the basics before moving on to advanced topics such as how to enter and exit trades and many more. We believe that one of a traders biggest hurdles is dealing with the psychological problems that effect traders, such as FOMO,revenge trading and
many more. This course covers all that! Not to mention new information and techniques are constantly being added. Join Today!


  • Whats included? 

      26 chapters that cover the basics such as how to set up your charts to advanced       

      topics like how to find entries in all market types including bullish trends, bearish            trends, ranging markets & much more. Here's a sneak peak at what you will gain  

      access to!Enlarge screen for best viewing.

  • Chatroom.                                                                                                                   The Gorilla Futures Chatroom is there for traders to learn and grow together.The chatroom is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Traders are encouraged to ask questions and discuss there point of view on what is happening in the markets. This is not a "symbols" service and trades will not be called out with the intention of traders taking the same/similar trades. All trades taken on Gorilla Futures part will be displayed live when the trade is taken, this is to show transparency and inform traders on our current market view.

  • Lifetime Membership.  

With a Lifetime Membership you will have access for life! This includes our chatroom, Price Action course that includes any and all updates.

  • How long does the course take to complete?

Every trader will be different there is no correct answer. It is estimated to take 30 hours if all the suggested practice work is completed after each chapter. Many traders will end up going through the course multiple times due to the vast amount of the information and sheer size of the course making it some what difficult to retain all the information in one reading. It is recommended to periodically go back and reread any and all the information to stay up to date.

  • What if I need help?

All traders are encouraged to ask questions, we ask that the member first reach out in the chatroom before contacting by email.This way we can answer your questions and the community grows, if you have a question then most likely there is another member who has the same question. We will do everything we can to help our members understand the material and grasp the concepts.  

  • What Charting Platform?  

NinjaTrader® is our recommended trading software, you do not have to use NinjaTrader with our course/program

Download NinjaTrader & receive immediate FREE access to:
 • Real-time futures data

• Unlimited real-time forex data

• Advanced charting

• Trade simulator

• Strategy development and backtesting

• Connect to NinjaTrader Brokerage, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade & more…

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  • What Data do you use?

Kinetick® delivers reliable, fast and cost-effective market data to help level the playing
and forex that exceed the expectations of the world’s most demanding traders, like us!
Get started with FREE end-of-day historical market data directly through the
exchange fees on real-time market data with Kinetick.
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  • What equipment do I need?

You will need the following:

Laptop/desktop: a PC is recommended if you will be using NinjaTrader. For MAC users please see below for the instructions on how to install on a MAC.

Internet: A basic internet connection is needed, a wired connection is recommended due to reliability.

More Questions?