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Trader thoughts #6 Multiple Screens

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

One of the questions I get frequently in my inbox is how many screen do I use and how many screens should new traders use.

Day trader in front of computer setup

I personally have 3 monitors, one is a 27" flat monitor and the other 2 are 32" monitors. If it was not for the Gorilla Futures chat and dealing with recording videos and managing our members I would only use 2 32" monitors. In the Future I will be upgrading to a single 49" curved monitor.

Now we get to the million dollar question, how many monitors do new traders need? My opinion is to start out with the bare minimum and work your way up. I have seen too many times where new traders go out and spend thousands on a setup only to realize they don't really need all that equipment.

Instead of investing in equipment right when you get started invest in education and other necessary items such as a power back up or an emergency hot spot to use in the WI-FI goes down. Those of you who are Gorilla Futures members and have gone through the course know the exact equipment we recommend.

If you currently have a laptop and are looking to get into trading then use that laptop to first learn what trading is all about and to give your self a chance to figure out how many screens you really need.

If you like to trade multiple assets or look at multiple charts all at once then you might want to look at getting and additional screen or two, but only after you have really proven that you need it.

Multiple screens are extremely nice to use but can also lead to missing out on trades if you are constantly looking around at multiple different assets and charts. Remember when we are trading sometimes less is more and our main goal should be to stay in the zone,follow our plan and make money.

It really boils down to a few separate items, do you want to invest your money in equipment right off the bat or invest in a good education and items you have to have. There is no right or wrong answer but be sure to only buy what you need and not what you think the pros use. No matter how many screens you have they will NOT automatically make you a successful trader.

How many screens do you use? Lets see pictures of your trading desk down below!


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