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Futures Trading Chatroom

The right chat room can be extremely valuable to a trader, regardless of their experience. The wrong chatroom can end up doing more harm then good. At Gorilla Futures our chatroom is based on building a community of traders who are they to support each other. Our chat room is hosted in a discord server that has TONS of options for our members, lets break all those options down.

Live Morning Stream

Monday-Friday we host a live stream starting at 9:00am ET, with the goal of helping traders get ready for the upcoming day. As you will be able to see in the video below, we go over price action and how this movement could effect the future. Also this is a great time to review previous trades and all members are encouraged to ask questions about anything trading related. These questions could be about trades,price action,momentum, news and the list could go on and on.

Lastly we go over the levels for the day, with a goal of finding a minimum of 5 bull targets ( long trade targets) and 5 bear targets ( short trade targets). The goal of this is to make sure traders have an idea of what could happen if price moves up or down.

Trading Room

This is where traders are encouraged to post there trades and get the help they need. All members regardless if you are a price action course member or a 1 on 1 mentor member are able to use the chat and get the help either from Gorilla Futures or other members who have been in there shoes before. Regardless if you are trading SIM or rolling in the big bucks, post your trades/questions and get help!

Members have access to a handful of other rooms where they can post stock trades or simply chat with other members about anything they wish!

Trading chatroom's can get a bad rap but at Gorilla Futures our goal is not to simply build a chatroom with tons of spam or off topic conversations. Our goal is to assist traders in their journey and create a community of traders that help there fellow members.

A sneak peak of our other rooms.

Become a member today and get access to our chat!

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