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Gorilla Futures Member Blog #1:Like a family

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

This blog was written by our very own Alan J, thanks for being a member Alan!

I've been a member for about half a year now but I first was introduced to the Gorilla Futures family I want to say last year around march when all this COVID-19 situation started to spread worldwide. I began watching his videos because they were a part of a niche that I began to take real big interest on, which is futures trading and the reason I took interest here was because I was working a day job that required me to spend all of my day, from 7am-5pm at the job, non stop labor work for what it felt like almost nothing in pay, and so I decided to take futures trading seriously.

Day Trading Group

I stumbled upon the Gorilla Futures YouTube channel and I fell in love with the content that Patrick provided. The information he gave out was very simple but extremely effective, his videos were not like 30-45 minutes long like some other channels would be, which was beneficial in your favor because as soon as watching any videos or tips and tricks on trading, you want to go practice what you just learned so I appreciate his videos are effective and straight to the point, he shows you in real time the trade's he's taking....whether it profits or gets stopped out, and he explains his very reason why he took that trade, he shows you how many contracts he holds, his p/l, and overall all his videos are very informative and easy-to-follow for us retail traders trying to make a living out of this.

Now the discord, group chat, Gorilla's Chat, I would describe it as a family who wants to see you succeed. All the members there are very interactive, whether it's everyone posting there trades or giving you positive feedback on your trades that you posted yourself or even just joking around, everyone there enjoys their time in the Gorilla Futures chat because it's filled with so much positivity and insightful information.

Every morning about 25 minutes before the markets open, Patrick has a Live Analysis about what the markets are doing from a top-down approach, what levels we should be looking at for continuation or rejection, all support and resistance levels, any important economic news we should be on the look out for the day such as a FED member speaking, and any other important detail we need to cover, Patrick will gladly help you on it because he cares about you succeeding as a real teacher would.

I've taken time to write this post because I have seen my day-trading skills improve tremendously and have received tons of value form the price action course since I joined the Gorilla Futures Family.

Thank you,

Alan J.


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