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Live Daily Analysis

Those of you who are Gorilla Futures members will know we do a live morning stream M-F starting at 9:00am EST but why do we do this?

It's simple traders need to have a game plan on how to handle the current days price action. The best way to find out this game plan is to one watch our live stream and learn to develop these skills.

The morning stream covers levels, targets, price action, news and anything else trading related that could impact our day.

We start out by doing a top down analysis and finding the current overall trend and then slowly working out way down to our intra day time frame. The goal of this is to find levels that are in play on multiple different levels and see if we can use them to our favor.

All of the levels and zones found during the stream are based on price action and come directly from the course. The goal here is to show traders how to find these levels live so that one day they will hopefully be able to find these levels themselves and preform there own daily analysis.

By using price action traders are able to filter out the non important levels are focus on the bigger picture.

On top of all this information, each and every session is record and saved for traders to go back and view throughout the day.

In short, the goal of the live daily analysis is to help those traders formulate a plan of attack for the day.

Want access? Click this link and become a Gorilla Futures Member + get access to the Price Action Course.

Do you preform a live daily analysis? Comment down below.


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