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Maybe You Need a Coach

Are your trading skills not up to par? Maybe you are having some issues that you just can't over come. If that sounds like you then you might need a little extra help, and there is nothing wrong with that! Since starting Gorilla Futures, Patrick has helped coach hundreds and hundreds of our members. These coaching members come from all walks of life, some have been trying to trade for the past 10 years and have yet to turn the corner. That is until they found us at Gorilla Futures.

We've heard all the horror stories from, our members buying hundreds of courses to struggling for the past 10+ years. Thankfully we are here to help!

What most struggling traders need, is help with themselves. Most traders are able to identify price action and signals after going through the price action course and studying. What they really need help with is controlling there emotions, this could range from FOMO to revenge trading to any of the other hurdles that trader's must over come.

What we try to do with our coaching members is one expand on the price action course and two, help build up there confidence. This helps traders in more ways then they know. A confident trader is "usually" a successful trader. The reason is, they are confident in there system, they are confident in the signals they find and most importantly they are confident in themselves.

Being confident is not being cocky, don't get the two mixed up. The trader you seeing posting pictures on Instagram in a rented Lamborghini is a cocky trader, not a confident trader.

A confident trader believes in his or her skills to come out of a draw down period, confident they can make the right call when markets get moving.

We build traders confidence in many different ways, from creating routines to working on perfecting there system to ways to prevent FOMO and revenge trading. As well as many other items we can work on. Regardless of the hurdles you are faced with we can work together to over come them.

Each coaching member is different that is why we reach out to our members right when they sign up, to start creating a customized plan for him/her. There is no right or wrong way to trade. This is due to the fact each trader is different and we take that philosophy and apply it to helping our coaching. No two coaching programs are ever the same. We don't believe in cookie cutter and strive to bring the very best to our members.

If you have been struggling to become consistent trader for some time, that doesn't mean you can't become a trader. Good things come to those who are patient, let Gorilla Futures help you out and create a personalized coaching plan for you!


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