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Mentoring really works for me!

Hi, my name is Allen and it's been a year since I started my trading journey. Initially I was with another group, and managed to blow-up my account 2X. Thankfully I found Gorilla Futures. Since starting with Patrick, my path has been a steady climb upward.

Mentor helping a trader learn price action

With membership, I got 4, one on one private sessions with Patrick. At the start I wanted to get my footing, so I just tuned into the morning LIVE broadcast which is free to Gorilla members. I slowly began to understand Patrick's approach to trading. I decided I would then use the one on one sessions once I finished the Gorilla study course.

I knew after the first private session, his mentorship was of great value....exceeding my expectations. Every minute was devoted to guiding me along according to my own learning curve. After finishing the first four lessons, I asked Patrick if we could continue and he gave me options for additional hours.

I decided after the first four sessions, it would be wise to invest in my education by learning from someone who has a great deal of experience. Patrick has a back-tested approach to why not listen and learn from his experience. During our sessions, I take copious notes and make every effort to employ his ideas. When I'm struggling, Patrick allows me to step back and focus on the basics. Each week we review in detail my prior week's trades which help me to understand how to make better trades going forward.

Right now I'm focusing on getting both the direction and the entry point correct more than 70% of the time. In the past I was vastly over-trading and had poor entry points. Today, I do just a few trades per day. I limit my hours of trading to just the first few each morning. I've set my daily loss limit with Ninja to a modest amount. I'm well on the path of becoming the trader I've always knew was inside of me.

But even as my success rate continues to grow, the reality is I will continue my sessions with Patrick because I see him as an innovator and leader in the industry. Lots of people say they are willing to help me along my pathway, but Patrick is the ONLY ONE who actually shows me how....step by step!


Discord Username: Unicorn309

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This blog was not written by Gorilla Futures and is not a guarantee of any results either past,present or future.


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